Our New Website, Our New Project

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Website Development Skills

We have just launched our new website, and out of this endeavor has come the inspiration for a new project. After interviewing a number of website developers for our job, we decided to learn how to make and manage our website ourselves. Our director, Danielle Gold, created our new website herself, and felt so empowered by being able to make and manage the site, that she wanted to help other NGOs and entrepreneurs to be able to do it too. The result:

Fearless Planet is initiating a new project in the Caribbean region to teach women business owners and local NGOs how to build and manage their websites with easy-to-use software designed for nonprofessionals.  In addition to receiving hands-on computer skills training, participants will learn how to take and process captivating photos, and receive writing and editing support in order to prepare a polished final product.

Watch this space for more information about this exciting project.