Since 2004, Fearless Planet has been an innovator in development projects benefiting women and their families. We promote economic advancement for low-income women by creating viable business opportunities and providing marketable skill training. We assist in establishing reliable supply chains and work to ensure fair trade practices are upheld. Health and education initiatives are integrated into all our economic advancement programs. In particular, Fearless Planet addresses mental health issues that are often linked with poverty, including domestic violence, depression, and substance abuse. At the heart of our projects is a commitment to empowering women to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children.


What We Accomplish

We think outside the box about entrepreneurship and fair trade in a wide variety of business sectors and have a proud history of sustainable projects. We:

  • assist hundreds of small-scale farmers in developing countries to qualify for and maintain organic and fair trade certification;

  • provide advocacy for entrepreneurs and employees from low-income communities participating in collaborative business ventures with international companies;

  • reduce risk for international companies collaborating with producers in developing countries by securing grant funding for start-up operations including training, construction, equipment purchase, and consulting services;

  • develop comprehensive supply chains for production of small to medium scale business enterprises, including identifying existing resources;

  • provide technical and business skills training and start-up capital to producers in developing countries;

  • provide vocational training in technology fields to refugees that leads to employment and financial security;

  • and improve access to healthcare and education in the communities in which we work, with an emphasis on behavioral health initiatives that reduce substance abuse and depression, and lead to decreased violence against children and women.